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Why is it that you'll want to use Calculus Recruitment?

At Calculus, we believe in offering a personal and quality service that cannot be matched by the larger agencies.  We always supply a three month FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE for permanent recruitment so as to protect your investment and this runs alongside a rebate scheme to give full coverage.  We can discuss amending this package to increase to six months or down to one month if this is more appropriate for your needs, however most companies operate a three month trial period so it covers this term. 

On the temps side we try to ensure we find excellent people that will cover your whole assignment and who have the skills to make a difference.  We are also likely to be of a lower hourly rate than many competitors and we will work with you to ensure compliance to the Agency Worker Regulations 2011.  We also now offer a two day no-quibble guarantee for temps.  We think they are the best so if, in the unlikely event, they don't come up to standard tell us within the first two days and we will replace them and not charge you for the time worked.

How can we give such outstanding guarantees?  

Well, first of all by offering a quality service including IT skills assessments, powerful background reports on candidate's previous roles, face to face interview registrations etc., we can be sure that we only work with exceptional local candidates.    Add to this that we try to get to know all about your company culture and we always take down a detailed job description and person specification from you, and you have the ingredients to match one up with the other.   A recipe for success!

We pride ourselves on being a local agency for outstanding local candidates working with the very best local companies.  Let's face it, if you have someone local working for you then they are more likely to get in when the weather conditions are adverse.

Does this cost you more?  No, and it can cost you significantly less than other agencies.   We offer a simple Fee Structure - it does not depend on salary.  All placements are at 12.5% of gross salary and we always give guarantees to last THREE MONTHS.   We can also offer SIX MONTHS GUARANTEES at 15%.

It costs you nothing to ASK CALCULUS RECRUITMENT TO ASSIST YOU in your campaign but can gain you rather a lot, so why not give us a call!


"We like the approachability of the business, it feels like we are working together". "The people you found really fitted in as you understand our business".   Company in Hoddesdon.

"You provided a better service than other agents and have and kept us informed at all times".  Our strengths were judged to be "Communication, professionalism, efficiency and honesty".   Company in Ware.

"The candidates provided matched everything specified and we were satisfied with the selection provided".   Our main strengths were noted as "Honesty and good judgement".  Company in Welwyn Garden City.

"Your greatest strength was in passing us the perfect candidate for our position." Company in Ware.

"Professional local service with friendly staff.  Got to know the company and came down to visit and understand the role and the person who would fit into the environment".  Company in Ware.

"Got everything done at short notice and kept informed throughout process".   "All candidates relevant to the position and we had trouble choosing between them".  "Friendly and professional service.  Sent across the right volume of candidates giving choice but not being flooded by CVs.  Consultative approach showing knowledge of the roles worked on.  We love having one point of contact and the fact that he knows about our company".  Company in Enfield

The service was excellent, could not really fault it.  Keep up the good work!”.  Our main strengths were notes as “quality of candidates”, “thorough checking to make sure the candidates were right for the business”, and “very good in sourcing candidates and giving feedback”.   Company in Welham Green.


I have already advertised!   OK but it still costs you nothing to ask us to assist.  If you find the right person through your own campaign then you have still lost nothing.  However, if the advertising doesn't work we are already working on a solution to your staffing needs.  Look on it as an insurance policy.

I have a Preferred Supplier List (PSL).    That's great as it means that you take recruitment very seriously indeed and we wouldn't have it any other way.  It is a very serious matter but what would you do if your PSL was unable to fill a vacancy?    Would you consider using a local company on the odd occasion?   If so then we are simply looking to build a business relationship with you so as to be able to assist in a timely manner should the need arise.    As a local independent recruitment agency, and in a unique position in Ware, we attract many of the top local candidates who may not be available through your PSL.  It is important to pick from the very cream of the crop, isn't it?

I hate agencies - I have had bad experiences in the past!   What we always ask is that you accept that not all recruitment agencies are the same.    I understand how you feel about agencies based on your previous experience however I am working with a number of companies that also felt that way but when they started working to use Calculus Recruitment they found that we differed from many other agencies.   They have been thrilled to see the FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE structure, the service that is provided and the standard of candidates.  It costs nothing to give us a chance - you only pay if we find the right candidate for your role and, let's face it, that's what it is all about!

Why can't I find these candidates if you can?  This is a good question.   At Calculus we spend every day working in the job market and talking to candidates.   We know how to select and only register the best available.   People come to us that wouldn't come directly to an employer because they know we only put them forward to jobs that they would be happy in.    Many of them never look in the newspaper for jobs or apply direct through job boards, instead relying on us, trusting us, to find them the perfect job.    People come to us through word of mouth, recommendation, advertising campaigns, marketing, walk-in and so on.  We are always pro-actively looking for the best talent, rather than re-actively looking when the need arises.

USE CALCULUS RECRUITMENT: The agency you can count on!

We can be contacted by telephone on 01920 467222 or email us on enquiries@calculusjobs.co.uk