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1. Check out where the interview is taking place.  Ensure you know how you will get there (car, bus timetable, train times) and allow plenty of time to be early.  If there are any problems on the day then ring ahead and let them know you may be delayed.

2. Prior to the appointment, try to find out about the company.  The internet is a great source of information or use the library.   It is always as well to have done your homework.

3. Dress appropriately.   Usually this means looking smart in a business suit.   Smile when you meet people as first impressions really do count and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

4. Consider what you want to learn about the job from the interview and take some time to write down some questions to take with you.

5. Always be honest in an interview.  If not, you will always be found out in the long run.  In fact, always be honest on your CV as well for the very same reasons.

6. Allow the interviewer to talk.  An interview should be a two way exchange of information.

7. Try to talk about specific achievements when answering questions.  Use them as examples to explain how you can bring benefit to the company.

8. End the interview with enthusiasm.   If you are interested in the job on offer then why not tell the interviewer and ask when they will be making a decision.